Protect your Peace!

The world gives us something NEW to cry, fuss, and fight about everyday. To protect your peace of mind, pick and choose what you give your energy to. If not, you’ll be in outrage daily.

Your Peace of Mind Matters!

Self-Sabotage is a Choice!

1. Take a moment and think about all the amazing things happening in your life right now. The grits & eggs you ate this morning, your car, job, family, kids, spouse, money, house, freedom, and etc… I mean everything!

2. Ask yourself this question: What could cause me to lose it all? (Think about your actions and the actions of those around you.)

Now here’s some short and sweet advice:
Stay countries away from everything that came to mind during STEP 2, by any means necessary!

You are Grown!

Being an ADULT is about taking charge, being able to operate independent from your parents and love ones, and taking care of your responsibilities.

When you cross the 21 year old mark, you should no longer look for others to solve your problems. You should no longer blame others for the conditions of your life. And last but not least, you should no longer expect anyone to do anything for you.

YOU ARE GROWN!! The years of you being catered to and provided for are over!!!!

Being an adult is about taking full control of your life and handling your business. If you are not willing to do that, you are still a child!


I wrote in my ‪#‎journal‬ yesterday before I went to sleep and asked for guidance in a particular area in my life. It came fast!

The instruction I was seeking came in the form of a dream. When I woke up, it wasn’t clear to me what the dream meant, but after meditation I now realize the underlying message of the situation in my dream.

Thank you! I needed that.


Happy Anniversary to the Matthews & McGuire Show! It’s been a pleasure co-hosting this show with the one and only @leanadelle. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this journey we are on to enhance the quality of other people’s lives. I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

Tune into Episode 59 as we recap our first#podcast year.

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Shoutout to all of our listeners. This show would not be fun without you.

Never Forget..

Never forget the times when you prayed to have the type of life you have now.
Gratitude is what builds and maintains a solid foundation; don’t lose it!

Be Selfish!

Be selfish for a little while, so you can be generous for a long time.

In other words, you can’t feed people with an empty refrigerator. Accumulate then distribute. In that order.


Sources say that we think over 70,000 thoughts a day and over 80% of them are non-positive thoughts. There’s no wonder why the world is attracted to negativity. There’s no wonder why people enjoy complaining and gossiping. There’s no wonder why it’s so hard to stay in a positive state of mind. The odds are stacked against you, but with proper techniques you can maintain your ideal state of mind, no matter the circumstances.

Spend time managing and strengthening your mindset. You Gotta’ protect what you believe in at all cost.

Appreciate the Small Wins

Learn how to celebrate and appreciate the small wins along the way. Gratitude is what makes a solid foundation in the end.


Thank you all for your support! It’s been a pleasure doing this show. We couldn’t have done it without your love and support.

We, @leanadelle and I, appreciate you all.

Matthews & McGuire are about to take this show to new heights. Watch out! Here we come.


Joy Within

If you rely on others for validation, the pursuit of validation will control & restrict you.

In other words.. ..

If you rely on people to make you feel good about what you are doing, the pursuit of obtaining those feelings will control you.

Joy and feelings of accomplishment has to come from within.


Don’t worry about those who don’t support you; it’s a waste of time, focus, and energy.

Save all of your energy to show love to those who DO.


Journey of Learning

Life is short, but a journey.
Life is tough, but full of learning.

– Mike C. Matthews