The Dream Lives On!

No matter who happens in your life Never Forget the Dream!

In elementary school, this was only a figment of my imagination. I was Salutatorian of my graduating class and got a chance to give a speech in front of my classmates, our parents , love ones, and the faculty. Towards the end of the speech, I went off script and told everyone that I wanted […]


Another Major Milestone

Thank you for helping us reach 4,000+ downloads.

Thank you for helping us reach another milestone. 🎉 4,000 Unique Downloads 🎉 We couldn’t have done it without your support. I wholeheartedly appreciate you. I don’t take this platform for granted, no matter how small or big we are. FYI, we are giving away limited edition “Matthews & McGuire Show” coffee mugs for those […]


Act Now!

You have a mission to complete.

Have you ever woke up late and looked at the alarm clock, panicking, realizing that you have something very important to do and don’t have much time? Visualize the last time this happened in your life and allow yourself to feel the sense of urgency you had at that moment. When you have a mission […]


When You Quit …

It's Much Bigger Than You.

When you quit, you affect much more people than yourself. There are people looking up to you for hope and inspiration. When you quit, you quit on your supporters, admirers, and fans. Become inspiration for why others should continue to dream. Not proof for why they shouldn’t. There’s a person out there that believe in you […]


Struggle Gives You Strength

Here's a piece of my story... ... ...

When I worked in Corporate America, my seasonal co-workers would mention old-school tv shows, sayings, and events. It would always go over my head. Since I never joined in on the punch line, they would always stop to question my recollection of the subject. Each and every time, I would shake my head, signaling NO, and laugh. […]

Struggle_ Post

Tip from my Dad

“Don’t talk so much about what you’re going to do, because you’ll soon convince yourself, physiologically, that it’s already done. At that point, you’ll loose your motivation to do it.”

Random Thought …

When I leave the earth, I want to be known NOT for what I took, but for what I gave to the world.


Idea Safe: Stack Ideas for a Rainy Day

you maybe only one Idea away from obtaining everything that you desire

Everyone has Ideas, but very few ever write them down. When you write your ideas down, you are showing that you have confidence in your ability to generate innovative thoughts.  The keyword in the previous sentence is confidence because you have the ability, just very few actually believe that they do.  There are people out […]

Idea Safe

Are YOU apart of the divide?

Next Gen Leaders: Expand your Reach in 2016 to Gain more Understanding

I try not to speak on race, religion, or politics, but here is a solution for the major differences that I observe regularly: 1. More BLACK people need more WHITE friends. 2. More WHITE people need more BLACK friends. 3. More CHRISTIAN people need more MUSLIM friends. 4. More MUSLIM people need more CHRISTIAN friends. […]


Unclog Your Creativity

5 ways to wake up your inner genius

People seem to believe that only certain individuals are blessed with a steady flow of creativity.  This is NOT true.  There is a creative genius inside of everyone! One thing to understand about Creativity: Creativity is like a muscle.  It must be stretched and exercised in order to cultivate.  If you don’t practice creative thinking habits then this skill […]


Winners Walk Differently!

How to improve your Image, Self-esteem, and Confidence

In 30 seconds or less, I could tell if you’re a Winner or Not.  You don’t have to say a word; your presence speaks for you.  Winners walk differently! Whether you are walking up the hallway at work, down the aisle of your local grocery store, or scrolling through the airport, people will feel your presence and […]

Quiet Time!

How to Make Space for Silence

Are you entertaining your life away?  What if I asked you to create a pie chart to display your noise vs. silence ratio.  What percentage of your day would consist of noise(TV, internet, friends, radio, etc)? As technology evolves, society is becoming increasingly noisy.    Question: Do you have scheduled “quiet time”?  Do you ever set aside time to […]


Are You Against You?

How to get out of your way.

I’m sure you have plenty of: haters. dis-believers. non-supporters The truth is: We all do.   Guess what? Haters, dis-believers, and non-supporters will always be there. Can you convince your haters to be your friends?  YES Can you win your disbelievers over and get them to believe?  YES Can you get your non-supporters to support? YES […]


Become Your Own Life Coach

How to Coach Yourself through Difficulty

Whether you know it or not, you are capable of becoming your very own life-coach.  Through observation and study, i’ve learned that most people who seek advice and guidance for situations that come up in their life have the answers buried deep inside of them.  Think about it.  Why do you think counselors ask questions instead […]