Are You Against You?

How to get out of your way.

I’m sure you have plenty of:


The truth is: We all do.  

Guess what?

Haters, dis-believers, and non-supporters will always be there.

Can you convince your haters to be your friends?  YES
Can you win your disbelievers over and get them to believe?  YES
Can you get your non-supporters to support? YES

But why spend your energy there?  Is that a good use of your time?  It’s like fighting a battle that you can’t win.

However, there’s one hater, dis-believer, and non-supporter that may be worth fixing.  And that is ….


Sometimes, we can be our biggest inhibitor in life.   We hate ourselves when we are not “perfect”.  We dis-believe that big dreams that we have for ourselves can come true.  We also fail to provide the adequate support for ourselves that is needed to survive rough times.  When we fail to love, support, and believe in ourselves, we tend to rely on others to fill this gap.

I’m sure you’ve heard this cliche saying before: “Be your Best Cheerleader and your Worst Critic.”
What I’ve found is that, most people get the worst part of that statement, but fail to balance the evil critic with the cheerleader.

Being your worst critic can be helpful, when building a business or writing a paper.  I’m aware. It helps us step outside of ourselves and see things from another light.  However, if the critic is not managed it could be your number one inhibitor to you ever accomplishing great things.

Grab a Journal and write down:

  1. Everything that YOU LOVE about yourself.
  2. Where you see yourself within the next 5 years
  3. Everything that you would like to improve about yourself
    1. Do not look at these things as problems/issues.  Look at them as areas of Opportunity. Opportunities to make you a better you.
  4. Write a one page affirmation (self-encouragement Statement)
    1. When you are feeling down and in need of encouragement, read this.

Try the things above and see if it helps you. No one can encourage, love, and/or support you, like you. I often watch Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather’s interviews just to gauge their level of belief.  If you pay close attention to them, you will notice that they have a level of believe in themselves that is out of this world.  It is often confused with arrogance, but it’s not.  They are just on their side. And you should be as well.  Having a high level of belief in yourself, will fuel you.

Overpower your Inner Critic.
Overpower your Inner Hate for your Imperfection.
Overpower your Disbelief in Yourself

It’s NOT the world against You.  It’s You Against You. Ensure that the Better half of you is winning the War.

Encourage, Love, Support, and Believe in Yourself.  

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