Become Your Own Life Coach

How to Coach Yourself through Difficulty

Whether you know it or not, you are capable of becoming your very own life-coach.  Through observation and study, i’ve learned that most people who seek advice and guidance for situations that come up in their life have the answers buried deep inside of them.  Think about it.  Why do you think counselors ask questions instead of giving answers?  Why do people always tell you to “follow your gut”?   When you are receiving advice or instruction, how do you magically know when you are being misinformed/misguided?

People know what they need to do.  The real question is: Why do they ignore the answers within and seek out outside instruction?

I believe that it’s a trust and validation issue. As the old sayings goes, “Trust, but verify”.  For some strange reason, solutions always sound more ‘profound’ when it’s coming from an outside source.   Strange, right?   Although we know what we need to know or do, there is still a need for validation.

Here is the formula to coaching yourself:

1. Ask Yourself Questions – Most people do not think about situations thoroughly before running to others for help.  Questions force you to think.  As mentioned above, the answers are buried deep inside of you, so you have to dig to pull them out.  Asking thought-provoking questions to yourself out loud will help you with the digging process.  This might seem weird at first, but you will get used to it overtime.

2, Answer Your Questions – Most people do not trust their gut.  In order for you to effectively coach yourself, you must become comfortable with your own ideas and solutions.  This exercise will strengthen your belief in your answers.   Again, this must be done out loud.

3. Provide an Opposing Position – Think through the ways in which your perspective may be off base.  I’ve found that some people reach out to others to gain another perspective.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you might be able to save some time and/headache by thinking through this yourself.  No one knows your situation better than you.

4. Act Upon Your Best Thought – After weighing out the pros and cons, pick the perspective that makes the most sense and/or is aligned with your gut feeling.


BECOME YOUR OWN LIFE-COACH.  Learning to address/solve your own problems will prove to be a valuable skill during peak times of difficulty.

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