Idea Safe: Stack Ideas for a Rainy Day

you maybe only one Idea away from obtaining everything that you desire

Everyone has Ideas, but very few ever write them down.

Idea Safe

When you write your ideas down, you are showing that you have confidence in your ability to generate innovative thoughts.  The keyword in the previous sentence is confidence because you have the ability, just very few actually believe that they do.  There are people out there who subconsciously dismiss all incoming thoughts that do not fit in their present reality. As they say, “out of sight.. out of mind“.

What if I told you that you had an inner-genius? Would you believe me? What if I told you that you maybe only one Idea away from obtaining everything that you desire in life?  Would you believe me?  In fact, would you believe yourself if you said it aloud? If not, you should!

Everyone has an inner-genius, just very few exercise it. By challenging yourself to write down one idea a day for generating more income, developing a better spiritual relationship, obtaining a promotion at your job, building a better relationship with your friends & family, creating more impact in the community, or even to become a better person you are exercising your inner genius.

Writing down your ideas brings them to life. It’s the first step in turning a thought into a tangible thing. When a good idea appears, you only have a small window of time to record it before it gets lost in the 70,000 thoughts that we’re said to generate per day. Here’s my personal philosophy on writing things down: Some are dumb enough to think that they are smart enough to remember. Be smart enough to know that you’re dumb enough to forget.

As you know 2016 is around the corner. To prep for the new year, create an “Idea Safe”.  An Idea Safe is a vault full of ideas that you keep for a rainy day in your career, business, or even marriage. Whenever you need to create a new product for your business, execute a plan to obtain a promotion at work, or even surprise your spouse, there will be no need to do extensive brainstorming. You will already have a stash of ideas Ready to Go.

What to do?
Challenge yourself to come up with an idea a day. Write your idea on an index card, put a date on it, sign it, and put it in your Idea Vault. Why sign it? I don’t have a profound reason; I just like to see my signature. lol If you don’t, skip that piece of the instruction.

What and Where to purchase?
I purchased my vault from Walmart for $9.99. Feel free to get fancy if you want. The vault I purchased has a combination lock on it and everything.  The index cards can be found in Walmart as well.

Be sure to drop an idea in your vault on how we can work together on a project or two in the future. Would love to partner with you.

I’m excited for 2016. It’s the Year of Expansion.

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