Quiet Time!

How to Make Space for Silence

Are you entertaining your life away?  What if I asked you to create a pie chart to display your noise vs. silence ratio.  What percentage of your day would consist of noise(TV, internet, friends, radio, etc)?


As technology evolves, society is becoming increasingly noisy.    Question: Do you have scheduled “quiet time”?  Do you ever set aside time to hear yourself think?

Here are three small things that you could do to create more space for silence:

  1. Turn Your Car Radio Off – Whether you are commuting to and from work or making a grocery store run, the average human being spends a lot of time behind the wheel.  To create more space for silence, pick random times throughout the week to drive in peace.
  2. Turn Your TV Off – Instead of letting the TV watch you sleep.  Turn the TV off an hour before going to bed and think yourself to sleep.
  3. Turn Pandora Off – Go for a walk without music.

Applying the suggestions above will have a drastic affect on your thought-life.  The more you think, the stronger your logic becomes.  The stronger your logic becomes, the more complex problems you will be able to solve.  The more problems you are able to solve, the more valuable you become.  Do you see the benefits now?

It’s Quiet Time!

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