Are YOU apart of the divide?

Next Gen Leaders: Expand your Reach in 2016 to Gain more Understanding

I try not to speak on race, religion, or politics, but here is a solution for the major differences that I observe regularly:


1. More BLACK people need more WHITE friends.
2. More WHITE people need more BLACK friends.
3. More CHRISTIAN people need more MUSLIM friends.
4. More MUSLIM people need more CHRISTIAN friends.
5. More RELIGIOUS | SPIRITUAL people need more ATHEIST | AGNOSTIC friends.
6. More ATHEIST | AGNOSTIC people need more RELIGIOUS | SPIRITUAL friends.
7. More REPUBLICAN people need more DEMOCRAT friends.
8. More DEMOCRAT people need more REPUBLICAN friends.

     The problem I see is that people think and act inside their little bubble. I use to have a level of distaste for people outside of my race, not aligned with my religious and political beliefs, and even cops, but once I diversified my network I QUICKLY LEARNED how my closed mindedness was affecting my thought process and judgement.

AS YOU CLOSE OUT YOUR YEAR, think about the people that you spent the most time with this year. If they look, act, think, walk, and talk like you, that is part of the problem.

Next Gen Leaders, I recommend that you expand your reach to gain more understanding about other cultures. Trust me, this will change the way you think forever!!


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