Unclog Your Creativity

5 ways to wake up your inner genius

People seem to believe that only certain individuals are blessed with a steady flow of creativity.  This is NOT true.  There is a creative genius inside of everyone!


One thing to understand about Creativity: Creativity is like a muscle.  It must be stretched and exercised in order to cultivate.  If you don’t practice creative thinking habits then this skill will not develop to it’s full potential. On a regular basis, put your thoughts and ideas to work in a unorthodox manner and your inner creative genius will soon wake up.

Here are the 5 Ways to Unclog Your Creativity:

1. Become a Human Leech  – No, i’m not asking you to go out and suck blood.  In order to unclog your creativity, you must take in as much knowledge and learning you can find. Read any and everything  — good, bad, and the ugly.  You need balance, both positive and negative perspectives.  The more you know, the more you’ll want to learn.  The more you learn, the more curious you become; your faculty of wonder will be exercised.

2. Focus On a Creative Activity Everyday – Remember, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.  It takes effort!  Try this: Pick a product or service and challenge yourself to come up with an idea for enhancement. Ask yourself the following questions:  “If I created a product or provided a service like this, what would I do differently?  How could I make it better, faster, and cheaper?  What would take this to the next level?”  As a second suggestion, maybe bring out your camera and go into a non-conventional space. Challenge yourself to capture unique pictures.  Putting focus on creative activities like this daily, would challenge you to use your imagination, ultimately fostering more creativity.

3. Think Out Of The Box – Self-explanatory, but I’ll expand on it.  Limitations are not always a bad thing.  When faced with constraints, they discipline you to work with what you have..  It enables you be more resourceful.

4. Try Something New Often – New experiences broaden your perspective. Get out and do something that you’ve never done before.  Start a random conversation with someone that you’ve never met before.  Your sense of adventure grows as you start to thrust yourself out of your comfort zone.  When was the last time you did something for the first time?  – Tough question for most.  If it’s been awhile, as soon as you are done with this article, GO DO SOMETHING NEW!

5. Be Unrealistic – Every creative thought was once deemed “unrealistic”.  Unrealistic thoughts take a courageous, brave, and believing soul to bring it to life, as known to “normal people” as realism.  Never silence your inner creative genius because “others” can’t see it!


I hope that this article will help you Unclog Your Creativity. With flowing creativity, the possibilities will be endless for you.  If the information above intrigued you in any way, please apply it as soon as possible.  Knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is!

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