Don’t worry about those who don’t support you; it’s a waste of time, focus, and energy.

Save all of your energy to show love to those who DO.


Not every GOOD opportunity is GOOD for you.

Mike C. Matthews

Journey of Learning

Life is short, but a journey.
Life is tough, but full of learning.

– Mike C. Matthews

Don’t run from problems. Face them. Earn your War Story!

Mike C. Matthews

Tick-tock: Are you time conscious?

One practical time management tip that you can implement TODAY.. ..

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “we all have the same 24 hours.”  I agree; It’s cliche. But it’s true. For some reason a very fortune few are better and more efficient in time management than others. Personally, I hate throwing around corporate-like terms, so i’ll break it down. Time management is just about productivity. How much […]

Time Management_ Article

When you’re FULLY committed, you’ll find or create a way. No excuses!

Mike C. Matthews
““Wait” is a curse word. When you’re ready to expand, don’t tolerate such foul language.”
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Struggle Gives You Strength

Here's a piece of my story... ... ...

When I worked in Corporate America, my seasonal co-workers would mention old-school tv shows, sayings, and events. It would always go over my head. Since I never joined in on the punch line, they would always stop to question my recollection of the subject. Each and every time, I would shake my head, signaling NO, and laugh. […]

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Tip from my Dad

“Don’t talk so much about what you’re going to do, because you’ll soon convince yourself, physiologically, that it’s already done. At that point, you’ll loose your motivation to do it.”

A New Year doesn’t mean anything without a New You.

Mike C. Matthews

Random Thought …

When I leave the earth, I want to be known NOT for what I took, but for what I gave to the world.


Get up and make life give you what you want.

Mike C. Matthews

Idea Safe: Stack Ideas for a Rainy Day

you maybe only one Idea away from obtaining everything that you desire

Everyone has Ideas, but very few ever write them down. When you write your ideas down, you are showing that you have confidence in your ability to generate innovative thoughts.  The keyword in the previous sentence is confidence because you have the ability, just very few actually believe that they do.  There are people out […]

Idea Safe