Memory Lane

When I won 2nd Place in the DC City-wide Art Contest

I begged my Mom for months to find the picture on the bottom left and she finally found it. I immediately got goosebumps. Here’s the story:


When I was in the second grade my art teacher(well known gospel singer Vanessa Williams) entered a painting that I did called “Unity” into the DC City-Wide art contest. I luckily got second place(my painting wasn’t that great lol) and the @washingtonpost did a story about it in the newspaper. At the ceremony, a picture was taken with myself and the other two winners. Well, when my Aunt Got the pictured developed it came out like this. We all freaked out. I always kept it to myself because I didn’t know how to explain it. Looking back over everything, I think I have an answer.

The answer has been with me all along.


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