Act Now!

You have a mission to complete.

Have you ever woke up late and looked at the alarm clock, panicking, realizing that you have something very important to do and don’t have much time?


Visualize the last time this happened in your life and allow yourself to feel the sense of urgency you had at that moment.

When you have a mission to complete or purpose to fulfill this is how you should feel everyday, all day.

The biggest lie that I’ve ever been told is that I have a lot of time. A picture of one of my best friends Deangelo Green , who passed away at a very young age, hangs on my wall in my office. I love you bro! I look at it everyday, as he reminds me of how short life is.

This post is for someone who may be sleep, joyriding through life like there’s an abundance of time. Wake up! Time is ticking.

You have a mission to complete. ‪#‎ActNow‬


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