When You Quit …

It's Much Bigger Than You.

When you quit, you affect much more people than yourself.


There are people looking up to you for hope and inspiration. When you quit, you quit on your supporters, admirers, and fans. Become inspiration for why others should continue to dream. Not proof for why they shouldn’t.

There’s a person out there that believe in you more than they believe in themselves; when you quit, they will quit.

Your family is depending on you. When you quit, you quit on your love ones and could potentially affect the future state of your family.

As creators, we have generations inside of us. When we quit, we quit on them too. Your kid’s kids will one day tell your story. What do you want them to say?

You even quit on the creator. Desire for accomplishment doesn’t appear out of no where. The seed of that specific desire is built in. When you quit, you kill that seed.

Moral of the post: It’s Much Bigger Than You. Don’t quit!

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